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DIY Chalkboard Table Runner

DIY Chalkboard Table Runner

Personalize your party on the cheap!

Your dinner party will look great with this cheap and easy idea!

Hosting a dinner party is always a great way to casually celebrate with your loved ones. It is also a fabulous way to merge groups together and to make intimate introductions. Any astute hostess will tell you that you must arrange seating at a dinner party to ensure that guests are comfortable with their tablemates and to stir conversation.

Instead of using the average place card to assign seating, try making it even more communal by adding a design element like a chalkboard table runner. Placed in the center of your table, you can use its versatile surface to label seating and even strategically place dishes so guests know what they are digging into!

Here is how you can make this simple project:


  • 1 roll of butcher or parchment paper
  • 1 bottle chalkboard paint
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 foam brush applicator or paint brush


The evening before your party, cut your roll of butcher or parchment paper to your table size and desired width.

With your applicator, cover the paper completely in paint. Allow to dry and apply second coat if needed.

On the evening of your event, lay out the now-painted paper in the center of your table and begin chalking! You could even leave the chalk out and let guests doodle while they eat!

This post was originally posted on March 19, 2014.

DIY Table Runners for Every Occasion

Adding a runner down the centre of your table can take your place setting and dining atmosphere to a whole new level. Your guests will be particularly impressed when they learn that the gorgeous piece in the middle of it all is something you actually made yourself!

Check out these awesome, easy DIY table runners for any special dinner occasion.

1. No-sew table runner

This tutorial shows you how to make a table runner using two-sided steam strips to create nice edges rather than sewing them!(Source: Home Oh My)

2. Canvas drop cloth

This look is simple, bohemian, and easy to make. Make sure you cut it to the right size, but don’t worry about being too neat. A bit of irregularity adds charm!(Source: A Daily Something)

3. Stamped table runner

This awesomely worn looking effect was created by cutting a sponge to shape, dipping it in paint, and using it like a stamp! Easy, fun, and messy… but in a good way.(Source: Sarah Hearts)

4. Stitched lace doilies

An eclectic collection of lace doilies sewn together might sound strange, but it’s actually one of the prettiest effects you’ll see when it comes to DIY table runners!(Source: The Sweetest occasion)

5. Chalkboard table runner

A piece of oil cloth painted with blackboard paint makes for the perfect mid-dinner entertainment. Kids ad adults alike will enjoy doodling while they socialize between courses.(Source: Hey Look)

6. Burlap table runner

A strip or burlap down the centre of the table helps establish the perfect rustic chic atmosphere. Don’t worry if it starts to fray! That just makes things even more authentic.(Source: Wedding Chicks)

7. Paper pinwheel table runner

This idea might not be very practical for putting serving dishes on during dinner, but it’s stunningly decorative for tables where the centre isn’t immediately needed to set things.(Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Wood shim table runner

This tutorial shows you how to make an adorable DIY table runner from pieces of wood. In fact, it even shows you how to stain the wood different shades for maximum impression!(Source: Shanty 2 Chic)

9. Vintage photo table runner

Having old photos printed nice and big and attaching them as a runner is an adorable idea for so many occasions! Family wedding photos look great at a wedding, childhood pictures are fun for a birthday party, and family pictures are nice for an anniversary!(Source: Ruffled)

10. Paper flower table runner

Some tables are simply meant to look wonderful. These paper flowers do just that! Choose a colour scheme that compliments the room around your table or get crazy and make flowers of all different colours!(Source: Ruffled)

11. Pebble table runner

Gluing small, smooth pebbles to a solid long base, like cardboard or plastic, makes for an impressive natural runner. It takes patiences, but fitting the pebbles together like a mosaic is a lot of fun!(Source: Home Tips World)

12. Rope table runner

This awesomely rustic rope table runner supports dishes and centre pieces, and it’s way easier to make than you’d think! All you need is a long piece of cardboard, some rope, some strong glue, and some patience.(Source: Vintage Whites)

13. Braided jute table runner

If you like the idea of the simple burlap runner but you’re hoping for something with a little more detail, try weaving strips of jute like a basket!(Source: Tara Dennis)

14. Rainbow felt table runner

Felt is easy to get, easy to work with, and it comes in a whole array of bright colours. A rainbow runner like this one is perfect for kids’ birthday parties or Pride celebrations!(Source: Say Yes)

15. Paint stick table runner

Cutting paint sticks into smaller sections is easy, and so is painting them all kinds of bright colours! Stick them to a thick material base like felt. This runner looks especially cool if you create an interlocking pattern like this one!(Source: Ruffled)

Have you created other DIY table runner styles that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it or link us to your pictures in the comments section!

First, let’s talk cheap table runners.

This will work best if you have a long rectangular table. (By the way, this idea could also be used on bars or coffee tables as well.) It can be as easy as buying a sheet of chalkboard contact paper at your local craft store or online for less than $10. In fact, Amazon sells a few varieties of this product that measures 6 feet long by 1 1/2 feet wide for about $8.

As your dining room table is likely wider than 18 inches, you have a few options here. You can lay a table runner directly down the center of the table where guests can reach it from either side – or you can get a few sheets and cover a wider section of the table (or the entire thing).

Of course, you don’t have to remove the adhesive backing of the contact paper. You can leave it intact and simply tape the ends of the paper to the table surface so it is quick and easy to remove. What’s also cool is that the paper can be erased and re-used for future parties or events. When you look at it this way, chalkboard paper is a really cheap (and functional!) party decoration.


Now, if you are going with a colorful surface, you may not want colored chalk. However, if you are using a black table runner, a set of liquid chalk markers are a lot more fun and festive.

They will probably cost more than $10, but you can use them multiple times on lots of different occasions. They are also great for making labels for containers in the pantry, office, etc..

35+ Ways to Make a Burlap Table Runner

Camouflaging old tables or dull-colored dressers using a burlap table runner decorated with glowing electric lanterns, mason jars, or flower pots is a stylish and creative way to deck your dining place. The following handmade table runners are easy to make without burning a hole in your pocket.

Burlap Table Runner Pictures

Add a rustic element to your dinner table with a burlap runner. Place a beautiful flower vase, gleaming porcelain, or a fruit bowl accenting the look.

You can either use a spray or fabric paint for lending a monogram design to the table runner.

Burlap Monogram Table Runner

The burlap table mat reflects a vintage elegance that is incomparable when it comes to decking your home.

Burlap Table Runner for Wooden Table

You can adjust the length and width accordingly to suit the square table. You can sprinkle petals on the runner for more beautification.

Burlap Runner for Square Table

Bordered with pretty lace strips, the burlap table runner offers you a unique idea for any special occasion whether at home or outdoors.

Burlap and Lace Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner with Lace

Use a metallic gold paint to add some luster to the otherwise plain white burlap runner. This one is ideal for a beach house for maintaining the subtle look.

Cheap Burlap Table Runner

Making decorative accessories for your table with burlap is interesting as you adorn it with other craft materials like sequins and buttons.

In this tutorial, burlap fabric pieces are overlapped on one another in an open weave net pattern and stitched. The result is an exclusive table runner with a primitive element in it.

Burlap Table Runner Wedding

Have you been thinking of an outdoor lunch with family and friends? If the weather is on your side, get ready to rock it with loads of food, fun, and burlap.

If you have a bundle of tulle at home, sew it to the ends to change the entire appearance of the table runner.

Tulle Burlap Table Runner

If you visit a thrift store or craft shop next time, pick a long piece of charcoal/gray burlap to design an uncommon and fabulous table runner.

Similarly, you can make a table runner with blue burlap fabric for a vivacious look.

Navy Blue Burlap Table Runner

A long dining table can be dressed in this wonderful table runner with homey tassels.

How to Make a Burlap Table Runner

A simple way of dishing out a rustic table runner with a tinge of festivity is by covering it with red burlap and knotting the ends.

Burlap Christmas Table Runner

Who says table runners are meant only for rectangle tables? Have a look at the DIY and decide for yourself.

Burlap Runner for Round Table

You can either purchase purple or lavender burlap or paint plain burlap of that color.

Purple Burlap Table Runner

Another no-sew burlap table runner that is given a stencil finish using your favorite pattern. Food would now be tastier.

Stenciled Burlap Table Runner

Yellow Burlap Table Runner

Few strokes of your favorite paint will make the ordinary-looking burlap into a winter wonderland.

Painted Burlap Table Runner

You can work a bit on the burlap runner embellishing it with colorful ribbons and laces of any colors such as black or blue to enhance the appearance of your table.

Have you some ruffles lying in your drawer or any old ones? Sew them to both sides of the table runner and create a farmhouse ambiance.

Burlap Ruffled Table Runner

A white tapestry for your canvas table is fun and easy to make if you have all the required materials.

White Burlap Table Runner

The tutorial describes a way to beautify the table runner by adding polka dots with the help of gold paint. However, you can keep it original and raw.

Natural Burlap Table Runner

Black Burlap Table Runner

The ribbon strips are woven into the burlap table runner to pan out a sober-looking accessory for your dining hall.

Woven Burlap Table Runner

A fantastic combination of candles, mason jars, and flower pots for the elegant table cloth.

Burlap Table Runner Tutorial

Elevate the look of a plain table runner with a bunch of flowers in a mason jar.

Burlap Runner with Flowers

The cute cutouts glued to the burlap table runner make the celebrations brighter and more fun.

Easter Burlap Table Runner

Thanksgiving Burlap Table Runner

Draw fluttering hearts on the table runner and lay it on your table if you have a romantic date with a special someone.

Valentine Day Burlap Table Runner

4th of July Burlap Table Runner

Lay feather-like soft muslin over the runner to add a contrasting effect and change the entire look. You can even attach pearls at the side for further ornamentation.

Muslin Burlap Table Runner

Write the initials of your name on the table runner and display it in your kitchen room.

Burlap Table Runner with Initial

Doily Burlap Table Runner

Recreate an ocean-like effect using chevron and turquoise burlap. Decorate it with small seashells and pebbles for some realness.

Turquoise Burlap Table Runner

Any grand occasion can be celebrated with aplomb when you have a stunning table decoration.

Burlap Table Runner with Bow

Use glittery yarns to make fringes for the table runner adding vibrancy and funkiness.

Fringe Burlap Table Runner

The selection can be a bit tough as the tutorials are interesting and give some scope to use other creative ideas. Are you ready to create a fine piece of table art?

Published on January 6th 2018 by Michelle Anderson

DIY Chalkboard Table Runner - Recipes

Thanks, Jackie!! Also you can find the black Con-tact paper at Home Depot! I purchased mine today!! Can't wait to use it next month at our Wine Tasting!

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Valentine’s Day DIY Dinner Tablescape

Valentine’s Day should be a special day, whether you are single or taken and whether you go out or stay in. Personally, Eric and I aren’t the biggest V-Day celebrators. We don’t enjoy the set menu and the huge crowds at restaurants. We prefer to have a nice, casual yet special night in. To make it a little different from most nights, I thought I would whip up a little dinner tablescape that is romantic and fun yet simple.

The basis of this tablescape is the chalkboard table runner . It is so simple to make in these two easy steps.

1. I decided to use four sheets of chalkboard scrapbook paper (yes they have this – isn’t that awesome!?). I laid them out on the table to the length I wanted and then just taped them together on the backside.

2. After the runner was together, I made sure to season the chalk paper so our love notes weren’t permanently on there (although that would be adorable). All I had to do was rub a piece of chalk across it and then wipe it off. The table runner was now complete and ready for words.

Before I chalked up my runner with flowerful words I needed to put the wine glass, cupcake, and candle centerpiece together. To do this I used:

  • 4 wine glasses (use what you have or buy them at the dollar store)
  • 4 small pillar candles
  • A bunch red roses (real or fake)
  • Valentine’s Day cupcakes (Tip: Buy these at the end of the day when the bakery marks down all their fresh baked goods from that day. I got mine 50% off and they were still fresh and delicious.)
  • Glitter tape
  • Valentine’s Day ribbon
  • Decorative hearts

First, I placed the wine glasses upside down on the chalk table runner. I decided to use two different sizes to give a slightly stacked look.

Next, place a cupcake or flower under each wine glass. I chose to do every other. My flowers were fake so I was able to wind them up a little to make them sit up in the glass.

Finally, place the candle on top of the upside down wine glass. I decorated mine with glitter tape and ribbon (just taped around it) to make it more festive.

Since I had leftover cupcakes and roses, I strew them around the runner as well.

As a finishing touch I wrote sweet little love messages all over the runner.

Now light those candles and enjoy a delightful date night in!

What are you Valentine’s Day plans? Any projects up your sleeve for this day of love?

Chalkboard paint ideas

Here, I’ve collected together heaps of genius chalkboard paint ideas that will bring so much to your life. Some of these projects are for organization, some are for decoration, and some are just for fun – but they’re all really clever uses for chalkboard paint. There’s sure to be something here to inspire you!

1. Paint a chalkboard straight onto your wall (in any color!)

This one’s my own big chalkboard project. We had a huge blank wall in my kids’ playroom, so I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I painted a huge chalkboard right onto the wall using chalkboard paint! With a simple white trim, it looks really polished. My kids absolutely love it!

The best part is that you can make this kind of chalkboard in any color you like! Yep – really, any color at all. The chalkboard paint I used is clear, so you can paint it over the top of any regular paint color. I chose a beautiful navy blue to match the rest of my home’s decor.

2. Make a Custom Magnetic Chalkboard

I made this DIY magnetic chalkboard for my kids a few years back. I used the same technique as the giant chalkboard wall, only I did it on a giant metal pan – check the automotive section at WalMart.

The kids loved having a board that they could draw on with chalk and play with magnets. Plus.. the custom coral color made this kids play space so bright and cheery.

3. Make a chalkboard globe

This chalkboard globe is my own DIY version of a Christmas decoration I saw at Pottery Barn. It cost so much less than buying the ridicuously expensive one in the store, and it was fun to make too!

Just buy a cheap kids’ globe, cover it in chalkboard paint, and it’s ready to decorate. I used a white pencil to add my text, as opposed to chalk, so that it doesn’t smudge in storage. If you’d prefer to change up the design every year, use a piece of chalk instead, and you can wipe it clean whenever you feel like a change!

4. Paint your Crock-Pot!

This is such a creative chalkboard paint project – painting your Crock-Pot with chalkboard paint! This chalkboard slow cooker from Bright Green Door is so fun, and I love the thought of being able to doodle on the cooker while your food is making itself.

Best of all, it would be so practical for potluck dinners. Just label the slow cooker with whatever’s inside, so your guests know exactly what’s on offer. You can also add any dietary information they might need. Genius!

5. Get your home organized with a chalkboard calendar

This idea is truly genius – a chalkboard calendar painted straight on the wall! This project, from It All Started With Paint, is the perfect way to keep your home organized month after month.

You can write anything you like in each day’s spot on the calendar – your meal plan, daily schedule, things you need to remember, etc. When you move onto the next month, just wipe the calendar clean, and start again.

And it looks beautiful too!

6. Give your fridge a chalkboard makeover

Kitchen appliances can be so expensive, especially if you want something extra stylish. But there’s a solution! Giving your old appliances a makeover with chalkboard paint can be an easy way to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank.

This incredible chalkboard fridge from Frugal Family Times looks so stunning, and gives the entire kitchen a totally different vibe!

Plus, you can use the chalkboard surface to write your meal plan, shopping list, etc., right where you need to see it.

7. If you’re short of space, use a door!

Even if you don’t have an empty wall to create your chalkboard organizer, you can still make one. Just use a door! Add the chalkboard paint straight onto the door – easy as pie.

This chalkboard door from The Decor Fix is a great example. It could be used to draw a calendar, things to remember, shopping list, or anything else that you need to keep your family organized.

8. Make a chalkboard coffee table

If your kids have a habit of drawing on your furniture, why not embrace it with a chalkboard coffee table, like this one from Paddington Way. It looks stylish, but it’s so much fun too. And with somewhere appropriate to do their doodling, they will hopefully be less likely to scribble elsewhere.

Even if you don’t have kids, this chalkboard coffee table would be so useful. My mind is always racing when I finally sit down for the evening, and it would be handy to have somewhere to write everything down!

9. Fill an old frame with chalkboard

If you have an old frame that you don’t know how to use, I have the perfect solution! This framed chalkboard from Craftberry Bush would be a really stunning addition to any home, and it’s a great alternative to framed pictures or mirrors.

You can use the framed chalkboard as an organizer, as above, or even just for decoration. Draw the design of your choice, and you can easily switch it up when you want something new!

10. Decorate a mug with chalkboard paint

If your brain is full of chalkboard paint ideas, but you’d like to start with something small, this chalkboard mug from Wit & Whistle is ideal. They’re simple to make, and the end result is super cute.

I love the idea of making your partner or kids a drink every morning, with a special message you’ve written for them. They’d also make great birthday or Christmas gifts!

11. Create a super organized spice shelf

We all dream of having an immaculately organized kitchen, and these chalkboard spice jars from Dwellings By DeVore will get you one step closer!

Transfer all your dried herbs and spices into matching glass jars, and paint the top of each with a small area of chalkboard paint. Then, you can easily label each jar with its contents. Even if you can only see the top of each jar, you can easily see what’s inside.

Best of all, if you need to change the jars around for whatever reason, you can easily erase the labels, and write something new!

12. Draw a fire in your fireplace!

It can be hard to know what to do with an old mantelpiece if you no longer have a working fire inside it. Here’s a fun idea – draw your own chalkboard fire inside a faux fireplace!

This project, from Sophia’s Decor, probably won’t fit with everyone’s home decor. But if you like things a bit fun and quirky, it’s such a creative chalkboard paint idea! It will definitely make a fun talking point for anyone who visits your home.

13. Decorate empty wine bottles for all sorts of uses

If you’re a wine lover, you probably end up with a fair few empty wine bottles in your recycling bin each month, and it can seem like a shame to get rid of them. Here’s a great way to upcycle your old wine bottles – using chalkboard paint, of course!

These chalkboard wine bottles from Bell’Alimento can be used for all sorts of purposes. You can, of course, fill them with more wine (use chalk to write the details on the bottle!) – they’d look so fun on the table at a dinner party. Or, use them as vases, candle holders, or whatever else you like.

14. Make a chalkboard table runner

Chalkboard paint isn’t only good for using on hard surfaces – did you know it can be used on fabric too?! This chalkboard table runner from Hey Look is such a creative idea, and I can think of so many uses for it.

Use it to write your guests’ names for place settings at a dinner party. Write little messages to your kids. Add table numbers for a wedding. There are so many options!

15. Paint over an old mirror

If you have an old mirror lying around (or find a cheap one at a thrift store), you’ve got the perfect base for a new project. You can paint directly over the mirror itself to create a new framed chalkboard!

This mirror chalkboard from Chatfield Court shows just how effective it can look to have a chalkboard within an ornate mirror frame. It looks so beautiful!

How to Make a DIY Chalkboard

If there’s one thing I’m often focused on, it’s making spaces more functional. Whether it’s where I’m living, working, or playing, I always like a place to be organized for utility. I’m that person who scours the back-to-college organization products at the store even though I’m no longer in a dorm, and browses for new utility apps.

Every wall can also be a canvas, lending itself to being more than just a place to slap some paint and hang up your art, and I know that these days, a lot of people take that thought and apply it in interesting ways throughout their own home. Some people create functional wall space in their offices by embracing the dry-erase paint that’s sold in everyday big box stores. Others designate a wall in their kitchen as a chalkboard wall, making room for family schedules and grocery lists. Addiction to a having a well-utilized space hits hard in my own home: I’ve mounted shelves in the dining room, added built-in storage units, and made customized pegboard storage in my office.

I’ve been in the process of decorating my daughter's bedroom. I want to create a large chalkboard that she can turn into an artful mural, a place for her friend’s phone numbers, or a place to make a colorful reminder not to forget her gym shoes on Tuesdays.

Make Fabric Table Runner Easy Sewing Tutorial

Actually if you are uncertain of where to begin with the make fabric table runner easy sewing tutorial or do not realize what you are looking for, browsing our articles will be a fantastic place to get your start.

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I hope these studying you were given some inspiration by diy table runner ideas Ideas too. It’s been lots of fun allowing my imagination fly and browsing these ideas!