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Honey pulp at CrockPot

Honey pulp at CrockPot

Wash the lamb well in cold water and let it drain and dry.

In a bowl put turmeric powder, 50 ml of red wine, paprika, salt, pepper and mustard and mix.

With this marinade we rub the meat well (we give it a good massage) on all sides. Put the meat in a bag and refrigerate for 12 hours. From time to time we take out and massage a little on all sides without removing the meat from the bag.

The next day we put the meat in the Slow Cooker bowl, add 150 ml of wine, sliced ​​garlic, bay leaves and bay leaves. We turn on the device and set it at low temperature for 6 hours. We have to forget about meat.

Serve with sauteed vegetables or mashed potatoes.

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