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Frying pan with homemade noodles and sausages

Frying pan with homemade noodles and sausages

Put the noodles to boil in a lot of water, salt and a little oil.

Boil the instructions on the package accordingly and drain with a strainer.

Wash and chop the pepper and leek stalks.

Cut the fresh sausages and fry them in a pan until crispy.

Add sliced ​​vegetables, oregano and chorizo ​​sausages.

Fry very lightly and add the noodles. Fry the noodles until they start to brown.

In another pan [I put in the dry cooker, which is a bit unused wounds] I put the noodles, with the built-in mozzarella balls. I placed the emmentaler slices on top and decorated with sausages, peppers and leeks.

I left it under the lid for 5-10 minutes as long as the house melted, the flavors intertwined [being careful not to stick to the bottom of the pan].

Good appetite

How to make a homemade sausage recipe?

The meat is chopped

The meat is chosen from skins, veins, blood clots, washed, dried well with napkins and chopped. The size of the chop depends on each family. We chop with an average sieve, of 4.5 mm, but there are households that chop with a sieve of 3, or bigger, of 6-8.

It depends on how you want the meat to be, finer or bigger. It can also be chopped with a bard (from a knife), but we are already entering another recipe & # 128578.

We have an electric shredder, we also have a 22 manual machine, THREE SWORDS, good, but we also use the old, small machine. We have this shredder since we got married, received from an aunt, who had also used it for many years & hellip It's very good.

I gave both variants, also for sausages made of whole pork, but also pork + beef. We use pork belly (belly, lap), I give all the names, so you know what I mean - that part that has strands of fat meat.

This meat is more tender, the bacon being mixed with the meat, it does not melt immediately when the sausages are fried. See what special jam your sausages will have, if you follow this recipe. & # 128578

I did all kinds of tests until I reached these amounts of meat and spices.

2. Seasoning homemade sausages

I recommend you to grind the spices fresh, because they will have a completely different taste, than if you buy ground spices.

Put the minced meat in a bowl (covata, large saucepan, etc.), add the freshly ground spices (pepper, allspice, hot pepper, coriander), paprika, salt and thyme.

Thyme does not grind, because it will change the color of sausages. You don't want to have green sausages, do you? & # 128578.

Garlic is cleaned and ground very finely, pour bone soup (ideally) or cold water, mix and set aside.

This is done before you start chopping the meat, so that the garlic leaves all its flavor in the liquid. Strain and only the juice is used for sausages, not crushed garlic

3. Kneading homemade sausages

It is very important that the sausage meat is very well kneaded. Kneading should be done very patiently, lasting 20-30 minutes. Yes, there will be enough scoundrels to comment. But, please try the recipe as I told you and then we discuss & # 128578

Kneading the meat very well, everything binds better, an emulsion of fat and water is formed, the spices and salt mix much better, the taste is more uniform, and the sausages, although it seems hard to believe, will be more tender, as if easy fluffy. & # 128578

4. Tasting homemade sausages

Ah, the long-awaited moment! Quickly heat a pan and discard 2-3-20 dumplings (meatballs) from the sausage paste and fry them. Taste without bread, without mustard.

Enjoy and see if you like the taste. Don't add anything now, leave it like that, even if it seems that salt or pepper is still needed.

5. Rest

Put the homemade sausage paste in the cold and leave it until the next day. Not in the freezer, but in the cold, or maybe stay in a cold room.

6. Kneading

The next day, take the meat out of the fridge and knead again for at least 10 minutes.

Yes. Because overnight the salt has dissolved, the other spices have made their place aggressively or gently among the meats, so kneading is needed again.

7. Tasting

Again and again, fry 2-3 meatballs and taste. Now see if you need any more spices to your taste. If you want more, add more salt, pepper, thyme, garlic & hellip. Knead again, as I see it started to like & # 128512

8. Mats (intestines)

Use pork or sheep intestines, which you want, which you have & # 128578. Wash well in slightly warm water, then leave for 30 minutes in water with lemon slices or a little vinegar. It will whiten the intestines and remove some of the specific odor. Not,. will not smell of roses, so do not ask & # 128512

9. Filling house sausages

Fill the sausages as well as possible, not too hard to crack the mat, but not the labartati & # 128578. Green not too green, but & rdquo green to be & # 128512

We have a special sausage tulum and it goes fast. But it is also possible with the shredder, to which the special funnel is attached.

10. Sausage sausage

After filling, the sausages are left like this, or smaller or larger heads are made, as desired. Hang in a cool, dry place to dry. Leave to dry for 24-48 hours, as desired. We have a smoking dryer & ndash see here, made by my husband.

11. Smoking homemade sausages

After drying, the sausages can be smoked in hot smoke for 2-3 hours or in cold smoke for 1 day. It is good to leave them in the smoking room for about 48 hours, after the smoking is over. In this way, the smoke has time to become uniform. Smoking is done with fruit tree wood, or with beech, oak. See how to make a smoker & ndash click here.

It looks like this, just take it from smokers, sausages and salami & # 128578. In our country today, December 1, it was 18-19 degrees outside and strong sun & # 128578

12. Drying sausages

Now, smoked sausages or not, they can be left to dry, in a cool and airy place. We cut them and put them in the freezer, vacuumed, 4 in a package.

It 's hot in Italy, where we live now, so we don't leave it out until winter, what do we want to leave on dry land? # 128578 Do you like what our pantry looks like? We have everything hanging from the beam & # 128578

Different colored splints from sausages and salamis are because they are different types, they are not all the same. Yes, they are all made by us, see the recipes in SMOKING & ndash here.

This is how we prepare homemade sausages. We do it several times a year, not only for Christmas, because we like to make our own dishes at home and not buy them.

We also do it for friends, not only for us it is everything you see in the pictures & # 128578. This is what fried sausages look like, see how juicy and chubby they are! Too bad you can't smell and smell!

I invite you to see a video in which we show everything we do:

There are several kinds of sausages on the grill, to suit everyone's tastes

Look here like I did last time, there are several kinds of sausages and salamis. I wrote and published some of the recipes (poultry sausages, cabanos sausages), but I still have to write. Stay close & # 128578

Don't forget the main ingredient:

Sprinkle with plenty of love and a touch of kindness!

What do you choose from my pantry? I'm waiting for you with the Plowman, the carol, the star & hellip How many stars is this recipe worth? Write in the form below & # 128578

You can also consult this video video, as well explained:

The recipe for homemade pork and beef sausages has been tried by our readers, below are just some of their dishes:

Fry sausages with red onions and apples

The recipe I want to offer you today is an inspired choice for a tasty and hearty lunch: pan sausages with red onions and apples, along with potato salad. The food is really easy to make and the combination of fresh sausages, pleasantly spicy, tasty onions and sweet-sour apples manages to raise the sausages to a pan to a level I would not have imagined.

Preparation time: 00:10 hours
Cooking time: 00:25 hours
Total Time: 00:30 hours
Number of servings: 4 servings
Degree of difficulty: Easy

The meat and bacon are chopped through a fine sieve of the mincer

Season with sweet, hot paprika, spices for sausages, granulated garlic, salt, pepper and the 2 tablespoons of bone broth and mix well until everything is smooth.

Wash the pork mats very well

Place the mat on the filling funnel of the shredder, leaving a space of 6-7 cm free at the top, in order to be able to tie the mat

Start the appliance by gradually putting the composition in the feed hopper

You can form thinner or thicker sausages

To delimit each sausage separately, once you have reached the desired thickness, rotate the sausage 2-3 times and continue the process.

The sausages are left to dry on the balcony, in the cold, on a stick, about 48 hours before frying, to make sure they do not break.

Sausages should be left to dry for 48 hours in a cold room or on the balcony before frying.

Method of preparation

It is a perfect recipe especially for the spring-summer season, when Romanian romaine lettuce appears. Here in Amman, we find it every month of the year and they are big and rich, being called Romanian salad, but it is 3 times bigger than our Romanian salad. You can prepare the noodles in time, or even on the same day when prepare the soup, because it will not take you too long. I prepared them on the same day, being a small quantity, only for a soup, that is, from a single egg, two tablespoons of oil, salt and flour, so as to obtain a malleable dough.

In order to obtain a soup with a special taste, we will first cook all the vegetables and then we will boil them in water. Chop the onion and cook for 15 minutes. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes. After they have softened, we will pour 2.5-3 liters of water over them and let them boil for about 20 minutes.

The lettuce is unwrapped and washed leaf by leaf, then chopped not too finely. I chopped it with a knife because it was quite a lot. The green onion and greens are finely chopped. After 20 minutes, we will add more & icircnt & acirci noodles, then lettuce. If you think the amount of noodles is too large, use only half, so that the soup does not come out too thick. I put them all, because we I like noodles, especially the little ones. As you put the salad it will soften and thus it will fit everything. Let everything simmer for another 20 minutes. During this time you can prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Mix the icing in the soup and add the sour millet, paprika, salt and pepper to taste.

Method of preparation
The pork is washed, chopped in the mincer and set aside. Prepare the spices: paprika, salt, thyme and clean the garlic.

Pork intestines stretch and blow through them. Place a head of the mat on the funnel of the mincer, so that the mats are filled with meat. But be careful! Only put the sausage stuffing funnel on the mincer, not the cutting knives.

Grind the garlic, mix the meat with the paprika (1-2 teaspoons), salt (to taste) and thyme (to taste). At the end, add the garlic, then mix again and put a small amount of meat in the mincer. The sausages are stuffed. From time to time, the sausages return, so as not to break.

At the end, the sausages are given in the balcony or in the pantry, in a dry and cold place, ideal for the wind.
Then, they are fried in a pan, after which they can be served.

Homemade sausages are fried and served hot with sauerkraut, or they can be smoked.

Ingredients for the traditional Italian recipe for homemade sausages with basil

Quantities for 3 kg of homemade sausages with basil

  • -2 kg pork pulp
  • -600 g of beef pulp
  • -400 g hard bacon on the back
  • -54 g salt
  • -6 g dried basil or 10 g fresh
  • -6 g freshly ground black pepper
  • -3 g dried hot peppers, ground
  • -4 g fennel seeds (or 2 g anise seeds)
  • -4 g camd or garden thyme
  • -3-4 cloves of garlic
  • -pork intestines, 6-7 m

Stew with lentils and sausages

Delicious and filling, this stew recipe can also be cooked with spicy sausages.

Fry the sausages in a tablespoon of hot oil for a few minutes, until golden brown. Take them out on a plate.

In the same pan, cook the onions, carrots and parsnips for 8 minutes until browned and softened. Add the mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes.

Put the sausages back in the pan and add the honey. Mix well and pour the black beer. cover everything with a lid and bring to the boil.

Put the drained lentils and let everything boil for 5 minutes until the sauce becomes slightly sticky. Season with salt and pepper

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with toast.

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-5 kg ​​of pork (pulp)
-sweet Boya
-hot Chilli
-pork mate (intestines).

Wash the mats well (pork intestines). Remove excess fat with the back of a knife.
Chop the meat, clean the garlic and grind it finely until a paste is obtained, then mix the meat with the salt, ground pepper, paprika, thyme and garlic.
Stir until smooth and gradually add the meat juice until the mixture becomes malleable.
We run the pork intestine on the special conical device of the meat mincer.
After the whole intestine has been rolled on the sausage device, we make a knot at the end of it.
Put the meat in the mincer and gradually fill the pork intestine. From place to place, about 20-25 centimeters, we twist the intestine two or three times to get the sausages.
We proceed in this way until we finish the whole mixture. At the last sausage, we make a knot at the end again.
With a sewing needle we push the sausages from place to place to eliminate air gaps and allow the sausages to drip.
On a piece of wood or a broomstick covered with a paper we put the sausages to drain overnight in a pantry. We put a bowl under them to take over any fat leaks.
Sausages can be used the next day grilled or pan-fried or dried for several days.

Try this video recipe too

Preparation for the recipe Romanian hamburger with smoked meat and homemade sausages

Fry the smoked neck and muscle, in a pan or on the grill.

Place a fried nape over a piece of polenta, fried smoked muscle, and an omelet over them.

The omelet is made

Put a piece of cheese over the omelette and put everything in the preheated oven, on high heat, to melt a little. Leave for 3-4 minutes.

Put the second piece of polenta, resulting in the hamburger.

Cover with a slice of cheese and put back in the oven to melt.

Video: Ζαμπονοκασερόπιτα Σουφλέ Αλλιώτικη Τεχνική Του Πάνου - Εύκολη συνταγή Σουφλέ με φύλλο τυριά u0026 ζαμπόν (January 2022).