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Dennis Rodman To Release 'Bad Boy' Vodka

Dennis Rodman To Release 'Bad Boy' Vodka

The bad boy of basketball will now have his own vodka

The vodka will be released in California on July 27, but can be ordered online.

The bad boy of basketball will now be bringing his notorious style from the world of sports to the world of liquor.

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is pairing with Premier Brands to create his own liquor called “Bad Boy Vodka,” according to The Spirits Business. The company said they were inspired by Rodman’s attitude for the spirit, even crafting the bottle to mimic his frosted hair and tattoos.

“Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste; a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about,” Rodman said in a press release.

In addition to looking the part, Jorge Olsen, President and CEO of Premier Brands told The Spirits Business that the liquor has the taste to back up the hype. “The taste is incredible, the bottle is a work of art, and the brand is already recognizable. We have already had interest from brokers and accounts,” he said.

Bad Boy Vodka will launch in California on July 27; the suggest retail price is $20. Just the latest celebrity to launch a spirit — will you try it?

Dennis Rodman Unveils New 'Bad Ass Premium Vodka' -- Which He Hopes Helps Broker World Peace

Not everyone can party like Dennis Rodman (or his "friend for life", North Korea's Kim Jong Un) but the former Chicago Bulls star hopes his new "bad ass" premium vodka will bring about the party and world peace.

Thursday, the 52-year-old hoops champ debuted Rodman Vodka, a "six times distilled all-American premium vodka (that Rodman will also remind you is "bad ass"). The brand appears to be a pivot from Rodman's previously-announced "Bad Boy" vodka.

Rodman, who made waves this past year with his multiple visits to North Korea and cozy relationship its basketball-loving leader, feels his new Bull-emblazoned liquor could play a role ushering in peace talks between the U.S. and the totalitarian state.

"Everyone knows [President Barack] Obama drinks beer," Rodman said according to the Associated Press. "But you know what? I'm pretty sure he does have a cocktail here or there. I'd love to see him with a 'Bad Ass Vodka' shot in his hand, toasting to Kim Jong [Un] and me. That would be awesome."

Rodman insists North Koreans "love a lot about America" and that he's just the man to help the two nations find common ground.

"Just think, it's up to Dennis Rodman to break ground with North Korea."

As of Friday, the vodka only appeared to be available at Kenwood Liquors in Chicago for one day only. According to a release, Wirtz Beverage Group is distributing the spirit which is expected to hit Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other locations nationwide soon.

Dennis Rodman has his own “Bad Boy Vodka” line

At least now we know when Dennis Rodman wins the Nobel Peace Prize what drink he will celebrate with.

The NBA Hall of Fame player and eccentric has partnered with Premier Brands to develop Bad Boy Vodka. Yes, that is the Dennis Rodman branded vodka you have been waiting your whole life for. Because when you pick up a glass of quality vodka, does any other NBA player come to mind besides Dennis Rodman? No. Of course not.

“”Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about,” Rodman said in a released statement.

This name of course harkens back to Rodman’s time with the Bad Boy Pistons that won back-to-back titles 23 years ago. So it’s a recent reference. That was a bruising, mean team that had some brains (Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars) that could keep the offense flowing and make things work. The Bad Boys were the bridge from the Magic/Bird era to the decade Michael Jordan owned (the Pistons helped teach him how to win by beating him in the playoffs three straight years.

The vodka will be available in California after July 27, wider distribution to come later. Start pestering your local retailer to get the Ciroc off the shelves and get Bad Boy up there now.

Just to reiterate: Dennis Rodman has his own alcohol brand. I don’t see anything that could possibly go wrong.

Dennis Rodman Launches Bad Boy Vodka

By Elvira Sakmari &bull Published July 11, 2013 &bull Updated on July 11, 2013 at 3:55 pm

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is capitalizing on his bad boy reputation by launching his own signature line of vodka later this month aptly called Bad Boy Vodka.

The one-time Dallas Maverick player is working with Premiere Brand, Inc. on the beverage.


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"Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about," Dennis Rodman said in a press release.

Premier Brands says "the bottle is a work of art." It features a bull with red horns and a frosted bottle that will make you think of tattoos.

Bad Boy Vodka's website features information about the $20 vodka that's double stilled from wheat and made in California as well as a message from Premiere Brands about contacting Rodman: "Call us and if you buy 1,000,000 bottles we will arrange for a date with him."

Bad Boy Vodka will be released in California on July 27.

Note to Rodman: We think you should've launched a tequila with a worm at the bottom -- you missed opportunity to capitalize on your nickname!

Dennis Rodman Presents a Bad Ass Vodka

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman visited Calgary to launch his own line of vodka, according to the Calgary Herald. The controversial basketball star is famous for his bad boy image, and counts North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un amongst his friends. The name of his vodka? Dennis Rodman Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka. While in Calgary, Rodman did a signing at Co-op Wine and Spirits and partied with the locals at Black Betty.

“I’ve always been a vodka drinker,” said Rodman. “It just gives you so many options—drink it straight, mix with soda, make a martini—so it just made sense for me when I finally got my own spirit, to start with vodka.” The five-time NBA champion likes to drink his namesake vodka straight, but also enjoys it with cranberry juice or soda—just like the college girls and boys who will be drinking it. [Calgary Herald] [Photo: Flickr/davidd]

Bad Boy Vodka – Dennis Rodman Branded Vodka is a Slam Dunk

Bad Boy Vodka is the perfect label for a new branded vodka named after the ultimate, ex-basketball player bad boy – Dennis Rodman.

Rodman had a very successful NBA basketball career but also was unknown just as much for his off-court antics. He played for several NBA teams including the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Premier Brands, Inc. developed the vodka product from inception, and utilized the Hall of Famer’s “bad boy” reputation, by adding a smooth and edgy twist to a classic spirit.

The company states they developed the Dennis Rodman branded vodka – Bad Boy Vodka – for AB Partners LLC under the Company’s beverage development and incubation services.

Andreas Johansson from AB Partners LLC was quoted, “I’m excited to launch Bad Boy Vodka and work with Dennis and Jorge to create a high quality, fun lifestyle brand.”

Dennis Rodman had a reputation as a fierce defensive player who also had outstanding rebounding skills. Rodamn was nicknamed “The Worm” and earned the title of NBA All-Defensive First Team honors seven times during his successful career. Dennis was voted NBA Defensive Player of the Year two different times. Add to that five NBA championships and leading the NBA in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years and you now know what a tremendous athlete Rodman really was.

When asked about the new vodka brand named after him, Dennis Rodman said, “Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about.”

Never afraid of the attention, Rodman lived a very flamboyant lifestyle as he often dyed his hair in a variety of artificial colors. His body is also covered in numerous tattoos and has many piercings.

The Bad Boy Vodka spirit will be exclusively sold and distributed through Premier Brands’ distribution channels.

Dennis Rodman Launches Bad Boy Vodka

Plenty of celebrities endorse spirits brands. Many of them endorse vodka brands. Dan Akroyd (Crystal Head) and Diddy (Circoc) come to mind. But none of that matters anymore. Because Dennis Rodman — jetsetting friend to North Korea and piercing aficionado — has just introduced his very own Bad Boy Vodka. And that’s just about the best news we’ve heard all year.

Now, don’t think that Dennis (known as “the Worm”, in some circles) distilled this one himself. No, Premier Brands, Inc. developed the product using Rodman’s bad boy image. But lest you think it’s merely a contrived product capitalizing on Rodman’s reputation, Dennis is quick to point out: “Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about.” So that settles that.

Playing off that image, the Bad Boy Vodka bottle features some menacing font, plus a picture of a bull — perhaps in tribute to Rodman’s time with the Chicago Bulls. The website is a pretty fun read. It notes that vodka is produced by distilling fermented substances like grains or potatoes, but it doesn’t tell us what Bay Boy is distilled from. The website also lists the alcohol content at 13%, but… we’ll go ahead and assume that’s a mistake, as nearly all vodkas clock in at 40% alcohol by volume. And 13% is more akin to wine that liquor.

All that said, you’ve got to be suspicious of this one. But hey, the man once grabbed 34 rebounds in a game. He once averaged 19 boards per game over an entire season. And that, friends, is reason enough to purchase a bottle of Bad Boy Vodka. Not because we’re confident it’ll taste good. But because we appreciate a guy who works hard on the glass. Or something. Anyway: Dennis Rodman. New vodka. Tell your friends.

Starting July 27th, Bad Boy Vodka will become available at select retailers throughout California, with further distribution coming down the road. It’ll cost you about $20.

Dennis Rodman has his own vodka now, obviously

Any savvy business professional will tell you that after you've written a children's book, made a "friend for life" in the supreme leader of North Korea, traveled to the Vatican to promote "pope betting," thrown salt on the game of the greatest player in the world and trumpeted yourself as a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the next (and, really, only) logical step is to develop your own branded vodka.

We're glad Dennis Rodman's being logical.

For those of you who've always felt kind of weird about drinking vodka that wasn't Dennis Rodman-themed, worry not — Bad Boy Vodka is on the way. Provided you live in California, that is — distribution there will apparently begin July 27, which only gives our vodka-loving Californian drinkers about 2 1/2 weeks to start calling their local liquor stores and demanding they carry the only vodka personally endorsed by a man who made eight (8) All-Defensive Teams and one (1) regrettable movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

"I'm excited to launch Bad Boy Vodka and work with Dennis and Jorge [Olson of Premier Brands Inc.] to create a high quality, fun lifestyle brand," commented Andreas Johansson of AB Partners LLC.

"Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste a perfect representation of whom and what I am all about," stated Dennis Rodman.

"High-quality," "fun lifestyle," "smooth" and "classic" are basically the top four phrases that come to mind when I think of Dennis Rodman, so yes, this definitely seems like a match made in heaven hell because Bad Boy.

The branding picks up on Rodman's time with the late 1980s/early '90s Detroit Pistons, the so-called "Bad Boys" who bruised and battered their Eastern Conference competition, won back-to-back NBA championships in 1989 and 1990, and sharpened up a piece of steel named Michael Jordan who'd spend the better part of the next decade carving his way through the rest of the NBA. It's been a long time since Rodman left the Motor City — a full 20 years, if you can believe it — and lots of younger fans might remember Rodman more for the two noteworthy-if-tumultuous years with the San Antonio Spurs or, more likely, his eventual link-up with Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson to rip off the Chicago Bulls' second three-peat of the '90s.

Still, given the public persona Rodman's cultivated over the years, "Bad Boy" remains a fit, and apparently, it (and the bull mascot the project kind of cribs from Rodman's second title stop) looks great on the product.

"The bottle is a work of art," according to Premier's Olson.

If you're wondering how legit this all is, let me just assure you that "Premier Brands also owns the ZizZazz line of nutraceuticals," and also that the vodka's website A) explains what vodka is B) invites you to "get reachy" with this vodka and those who drink it C) reminds you that "You are AWESOME | DON’T EVER FORGET IT" and D) has what's sure to be a must-read blog kicked off by a post with the grammatically sound headline, "What type of girls does a Bad Boy gets?" So, y'know, rest easy.

We're sure this is the beginning of a beautiful and fruitful business relationship that will make Dennis Rodman the first name you think of when you combine "NBA," "liquor" and "questionable behavior," which he surely wasn't already. We can feel that Nobel Peace Prize getting closer with every sip shot.

Also, quick pro-tip: When you ask your retailer of choice if they carry Bad Boy Vodka, make sure they don't think you mean Ciroc. They'll probably think you meant Ciroc.

Photo Release -- Dennis Rodman's Original Bad Ass Vodka Set to Launch in Chicago Next Week

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- They always say "Better late than Never", and Dennis Rodman's long awaited Vodka, named "Dennis Rodman – The original Bad Ass Premium Vodka", is set to launch next week, with an opening event at American Junkie in Chicago, IL on Thursday the 21st.

"The event in Chicago will mark the product officially being available for purchase, and our distributor, Wirtz Beverages, will be able to supply products to their customers in Illinois as of that date. That means Dennis' huge fan base across the state will no longer need to make alternative choices when looking for a vodka," says Andreas Johansson, Founder and CEO of AB Partners, LLC – the owner of the brand.

Further events will also take place in Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, as well as other locations nationwide to mark the arrival of the brand into those markets.

"Dennis is an incredible person to work with – there is the part of him that people see on TV and read about, but there is also so much more to him. When it comes to branding himself, Dennis is nothing short of a genius, and if I told people just how much input Dennis has provided us with in terms of marketing and design of the product, you would be surprised," continued Johansson.

Dennis Rodman provided us with the following statement: "Hearing that the production run finished up last week was an incredible moment for me, we have all been waiting to put this product into the marketplace, and we are thrilled with the support we have received from distributors nationwide. I also look forward to seeing the product on the shelves at Total Wine and Spirits."

The product will initially be available in CA, NV, TX, FL, GA, NJ, NY, MI, IL, WI and MN.

About the Company:  AB Partners, LLC are the Owners of Dennis Rodman The Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka. For any inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call 1.855.ROD.VOKA.

Dennis Rodman Bad Ass Vodka Poster A great looking product coupled with a very strong celebrity persona

Bad Boy Vodka: la “ruda” bebida de Dennis Rodman

Uno de los personajes más curiosos en la historia de la NBA es por mucho, Dennis Rodman.

Uno de los personajes más curiosos en la historia de la NBA es por mucho, Dennis Rodman. El hombre que gustaba de tatuar su cuerpo, hacerse infinidad de perforaciones y pintarse el cabello de colores para llamar la atención.

Ese estilo le trajo muchas comentarios en contra al basquetbolista, lo tachaban de drogadicto, alcohólico y demás, la realidad es que durante su carrera demostró todo lo contrario y ganó en cinco ocasiones el campeonato de la mejor liga de basquetbol del mundo (1989, 1990, 1996-98).

De no haber sido uno de los mejores ala-pivot en la historia, Rodman hubiese sido, con mucha facilidad, una estrella de la televisión, le gustaban los reflectores, siempre estaba dando de qué hablar, en 1997 realizó su debut cinematográfico en la película Double Team, al lado de Jean Claude Van Damme y también fue actor en una película autobiográfica.

Al saber que posiblemente con esto hablarán de él, decidió incursionar en otro tipo de negocio, a lado de la empresa Premier Brands Inc. lanzará una nueva marca de bebida que llevará por nombre Bad Boy Vodka, con la que buscará tener un sello más de su personalidad.

La botella tendrá la particularidad de manejar como imagen un toro, haciendo alusión al equipo de sus amores Los Toros de Chicago, equipo con el que brilló en la década de los 90. De igual manera se utilizan los colores del legendario equipo.

Watch the video: Dennis Rodman, a Féreg Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story 1998 magyar szinkron. (January 2022).